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Unusual Problem Solved

The major problem was to design a computation system for the method of mathematical division. The solution that was found cannot be divulged here, since it is proprietary. What can be told is that the results showed that the system response became slower as the division rate became quite large. This response problem was not incurred as a result of slow sensor response, and it is inherent in all real-time computation systems. High-speed digital computation can be much faster, if required.


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Elongation Measuring System

The first Airpax, Inc. (where I was head of product development) system was designed to measure and control the thickness of sheet steel in a large manufacturing plant. The environment was one of very high ambient temperatures, due to the hot steel that was pressure-rolled to the desired thickness, so semiconductor designs were ruled out. The company engineers claimed that the maximum speed of the sheet steel could reach 60 mph, so a failure in control could be very disastrous, with the sheet steel piling up before the system could be halted. In view of these rigorous requirements, magnetic amplifiers were chosen for computation and control.

Two magnetic tachometer sensors are shown in the illustration. The teeth of the rotating sensor gears provide the frequency signal that correlates to speed. The computation for elongation/thickness is quite simple, and is shown in the lower right hand corner. The complexity in the design is in the method of obtaining the mathematical division using frequency data and the magnetic amplifier configuration. Additions to this product line were models for measuring "'percent elongation", "difference of speed", and "percent stretch". The magnetic pickups were also manufactured by Airpax, Inc.

The company that manufactured this system went on to supply control systems for various other manufacturing plants, such as the cloth industry.
















The next project is an Atmospheric Temperature Measuring System

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