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Doppler Flowmeter



This flowmeter measures the flow at a volume of intersection of the two beams well ahead of the boundary of the instrument, which increases the accuracy of the flow measurement.

This is a picture of the Doppler Flowmeter in a Test Flume. Water is pumped through the flume by a 2 foot propeller blade driven by a 5 HP motor. The flume baffle opening is partly visible on the right. The motor RPM rate is varied by a controller in order to be able to test the flowmeter at various flow rates.

One of the cylinders contains a high-frequency transmiiter, while the other contains a receiver that detects the signal that is reflected from acoustic reverberations from discontinuities (bubbles and particles) within the intersection volume of the two beams in front of the housing. This separation greatly reduces the flow errors produced by the housing. The beamwidths are approximately the size of a dime, so the reverberation volume is quite small. This results in a one-dimensional velocity vector measurement of the flow at a point in front of the unit. A 3-vector instrument was proposed for measuring the three velocity space vector components, but it was never built.

There were two technical papers written about this system. The first paper was written in conjunction with the University of Miami Marine Laboratory.

There were two technical papers written about this project. The first paper. "A Doppler Current Meter", ISA Marine Sci. Instr., 1965,was written in conjunction with Mort Kronengold of the University of Miami Oceanographic Laboratory. The second paper, "Further Developments in the Doppler Method of Water-Velocity Measurement", was published in IEEE Transactions on Geoscience Electronics, Nov. 1968. This second paper included conformal flow mappings of the flow around the housing utilizing the Schwarz-Christoffel transformation (irrotational fields assumed).











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