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Tow Tank Test Site

This is a picture of the demonstration of a tow tank system, showing a sled moving toward the back of the tank.The tow sled has a Doppler Flowmeter mounted below it in the water that measures the velocity of the movment of the sled. The sled was driven by a 5 horsepower electrc motor, and attained a speed of 6 knots within a distance of less than 6 feet. At the far end of the tank, a "dashpot" type brake was mounted to the tank to stop the sled within a distance of 4 feet. Fast-acting switches were mounted along the side of the tank to time the movement and velocity of the sled. This was correlated with the Doppler reverberation frequency in order to calibrate the flowmeter. This flowmeter was used to measure ocean currents by the University of Miami Marine Laboratory and other Oceanographic institutions.

A picture of the Doppler flowmeter is shown on the next page.








tow tank image


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