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Last updated January 24, 2014

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Adaptive Enterprises began operations as a consulting engineering firm in 1972 under the name Adaptive Systems, Inc. Following the sale of this company, the surviving company, Adaptive Enterprises, was first located in California and later moved to the Midwest in 1992.

Adaptive Enterprises is focused on improving the understanding of complex scientific issues and the advancement of science, both in fundamental physics as balanced by the real world measurements of chemistry, physics and engineering, and solid reliable engineering.

Dr. Vlasak has contributed in various fields, including submarine instrumentation, oceanography, ultrasonics, a wide range of testing for acceptance and production, computer design, electromagnetics, magnetic amplifiers, tachometry, radar design, transmitter desgin, probem solving, troubleshooting, electronic circuit design. ISO 2001 requirements, electrooptic focal plane design, computer modeling of semiconductors, transistor failure analysis, mathematical computer analysis, SSB communications, electronic noise cancelling, missile tests, failure analysis, RFID, project management and product design.

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