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PATENTS - Weldon Vlasak:

"Electronic Hybrid", Assigned to Motorola, Inc., Issued April 25, 1961

"Radio Receiver", Assigned to Motorola, Inc., Issued July 10, 1962

"Transistor Control Apparatus, Assigned to Airpax, Inc. Issued February 2, 1965

"Control Apparatus for Modulator and Demodulator Circuits", Assigned to Airpax, Inc., Issued 02/02/1965

"Optical Amplifier", U.S. patent 4628273, publication date 1986-12-09, assigned to ITT Gilfillan, Inc. Optical amplification is obtained by converting light to electron emission, electron multiplication and re-conversion to light within an electrooptical fiber. See .

"Data Transmission System", Assigned to ITT Gilfillan, Inc., Issued September 1, 1987

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"A Doppler Current Meter", M. Kronengold and W. Vlasak, ISA Marine Science Instr. 3, 1965

"Further Developments in the Doppler Method of Water - Velocity Measuement", W. Vlasak, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience Electronics, November, 1968

"A Fiberoptic Local Area Network Solution for Tactical Command and Control Systems", Proceedings of the SPIE, Vol. 434, August 25, 1983, San Diego, California

"Mitigation of Impulse Noise in a Single-Sideband Radio Central System", Vlasak, Richardson, Wunderlich and Ganzel, Motorola, Inc.1957, Final Report to U.S. Signal Research and Development Laboratories

"Time-Variant Filter Synthesis", Vlasak, W.R.H., Doctoral thesis, George Washington University, 1970, Filter designs for elements whose parameters vary with time. One example is an R/C network with a fixed capacitor and a resistor whose resistance changes periodically with time. Unique filters are possible using this method.



Development of Focal Plane Array processor for a high-speed Acousto-Optic Bragg-Cell Spectrum Analyzer utilized in a wideband Signal Processing System

Part of development project team for the ITT High-Power Solid-State Radar Transmitter Project. Also acted as system troubleshooter.

Microcomputer design and development for a various product design projects



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