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Last updated October 31, 2014

Adaptive Enterprises is an engineering consulting company dedicated to the advancement of real science and engineering.

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The president of Adaptive Enterprises (Dr. Weldon Vlasak) has been a consulting engineer since 1972. This firm has been involved in numerous endeavors over a wide variety of disciplines, but his main expertise lies in the design of electronic systems. He formed his first company, Adaptive Systems, Inc.., in order to supply fiberoptics components for the communication industry. Unfortunately, the market for fiberoptics did not develop until ten years later.

The computer project shown above led him to believe that there would be a market for home computers, but investors did not have faith that home buyers would be able to utilize computers. We now know the impact that they have made.

He has more recently been involved in the private study of electromagnetic propagation, and he has formulated a scientific theory that gravity is an electromagnetic phenomenon. Due to the unique nature of his theory and the fact that there is some conflict with the methods of Quantum Mechanics, physicists have been slow in accepting its validity, in spite of the large amount of evidence to support it. This phenomenon is not very unusual. It took 15 years for Max Planck's presentation of his quantum theory to become adopted, and Ludwig Boltzmann's enormously important work on thermodynamics were not accepted within his lifetime (He committed suicide due to the denial). Dr. Vlasak has published four books on the subject and written numerous papers. His claims that electromagnetic field waves can move (laterally) much faster than Einstein's speed of light limit, and that information is transmitted directly between matter (atoms), yave not yet been accepted even though these claims were substantiated by measurements made years ago and confirmed many times over. He has constructed a new model of the atom, and he believes there may be a missing term in Maxwell's equations.

It is only very recently that other claims regarding matter, and high electromagnetic field wave velocities have been verified by other measurements. Several years ago he suggested that the ether of the universe may be the dark matter that physicists believe exist within galaxies (an astrophysicist just recently published an scientific paper making a similar claim). He visualizes another project to prove g the full and true dynamic character of thermal noise, as defined in his fourth book. His most recent paper, "Analyzing Atoms Using the SPICE Computer program" was published in the May/June 2012 issue of "Computing in Science and Engineering " magazine, In this paper, a SPICE model of the hydrogen atom was constructed and tested using SPICE computer runs. It illustrates the oscillating frequencies of the atom in the resulting plots. He is planning a followup paper on the subject with new revelations.

To learn more about his studies and his books, check out his science site, and also about his favorite sport. You may also enjoy seeing some new mathematical art on his new web page after you leave this site.

Check out the past projects and the newest section: for Hams (radio amateurs), and look at a good telephone hybrid (patch) and an excellent analog noise blankiing circuit.


Company History

The lady on the right is operating the first complete portable computer on the market. It was used to compute betting odds on horse races. The large battery could last for 8 hours. Our computer was based on the first semiconductor processor, which was the equivalent of the rack-mounted PDP-8 computer that was quite popular at the time. It dates back to the mid 1970's. Unfortunately, Intersil stopped manufacturing the IC not long after the computer reached production. We also designed a keyboard to program in assembly language at the click of a key, which was also phased out.


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